Chemsteel has been providing quality construction services to customers for over half a century.  Founded in 1942, Chemsteel originally serviced the chemical and steel industries with professional selection and installation of acid-proof and corrosion-resistant systems. In recent years, Chemsteel has expanded its services to include general construction for plant maintenance and capital projects. 

*TRIR average over 5 years is 0.25.

*EMR average over the last 3 years is 0.75

Steel Erection in progress for

Precoat Metals-Weirton, WV

Structure complete-Precoat Metals-

Weirton, WV

Sheeting completed-Precoat Metals-

Weirton, WV

Cooling tower structural repairs

Bruce Mansfield Power Plant-Monaca, PA

Stainless steel members were used to replace concrete. 

Anchored steel to new beam seats after demolition of existing beams.


“Both myself and the plant staff have enjoyed working with Chemsteel and CDMG, and are happy with the building.  This project was easily the highlight of my five years with Precoat so far.  We look forward to working with Chemsteel and CDMG in the future as well.”

— Mark Voetter, Project Engineer, Precoat Metals

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