McCrossin Foundation has a track record of delivering projects without incidents, ahead of schedule and on budget.  The company provides a wide range of deep foundation techniques and ground improvement to fit project needs. McCrossin team has over 100 years of combined geotechnical experience in various applications, including inland and marine geotechnical construction and design, forensic investigation, quality assurance, and general construction. The company offers on-site training covering various safety issues and hazards. McCrossin is a company with safety as the core value, and a legacy built upon the strength of its services, products and people. #STRONGINEVERYDIRECTION

*TRIR average over 4 years is 2.32.

*EMR average over the last 4 years is 0.773 


Kiln 6 & 7 Burner Upgrade Project


Kiln 6 & 7 Burner Upgrade Project

PPL Martins Creek-

Fuel Oil Loading Station

American Eagle Paper Project

Metro Center Project


Mine Conveyor Project


GM McCrossin's field staff demonstrated the aptitude and background associated with deep foundation work and the high safety standards associated with it… We acknowledge GMM’s outstanding performance on this project and recommend them for future work.

Burchick Construction Company, Inc.

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