Selinsky Force understands that every industry has different requirements and offers a diverse line of services to accommodate project goals, schedule and budget. The company specializes in rigging and hauling, construction services, plant maintenance, steel erection, equipment rental & maintenance, refractory services, pulverizer, ball mill and crusher services. 

*Average TRIR of 3.26 over the past 5 years

*Average EMR of .72 over the past 5 years

Installation of new press at LUK Clutch

Removal of Press

New crusher at Beldin Brick


We use Selinsky Force to help us load, unload, and set machines into place. They have reliable modern equipment that can get machines into areas that a fork truck and /or crane alone cannot get to.  The personnel we work with have always gone above and beyond to help us get the job done correctly and on time. There are times when we cannot be down for more than 24 hours, and they make sure they have the resources to get the job done.



– Mike Knisely, Allied Machine and Engineering

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